Past Project

AI Chips


AI Chips Co. ( is an AI and chips innovation, IP and investment holding company focusing on startups in autonomous cars, medical, and smart retail areas.

We use blockchain platform for innovation collaboration, IP right administration and recordation, effective license and control as well as incentive calculation and allocation

Key Highlights

  • Combining Taiwan’s world no. 1 semiconductor manufacturing and IC design capability
  • Working closely with top Chinese and U.S. AI as well as software experts and powerhouses
  • Contribution from leading Chinese and Taiwanese universities, R&D institutions and industries
  • Using blockchain for collaboration, distribution, efficiency, incentives and transparency

Summary of Terms

  • Target Investment Round: $4M
    • VC Investment Amount: $3M
    • Qualified Co-investors: $1M
  • Round Closing Date: July 15, 2019