VCLink is a co-investment platform built by VSC Ecosystem (VSC) where qualified investors can co-invest alongside VSC* and trusted anchor VCs in carefully selected early-stage deals.

VCLink only lists quality startup projects that 1) have already received investment from anchor VC(s) and 2) have opened up a special allocation to qualified individual investors.

VCLink officially launched AI Chips Co. in March 2019 as the first co-investment opportunity with Morningside and Hotung as the earliest anchor VCs.

*VSC will invest in every startup project listed on VCLink.

VCLink seeks to
  • Open up traditionally closed VC investment opportunities to qualified individual investors
  • Make high VC returns available to qualified individual investors and provide liquidity
  • Drive innovation, help good projects get funded, and create a virtuous cycle
Anchor VCs


Morningside Group was founded in 1986, by the Chan family of Hong Kong, to make private equity and venture capital investments. The group is managed by investment professionals who are entrepreneurial, have deep industry knowledge and are effective in the local environment in which they operate. In addition to its investment activities, Morningside Group is strongly committed to social responsibility.


Hotung Venture Capital (“Hotung”) is the oldest, largest, and most reputable venture capital firm based in Taiwan and operates as a subsidiary of Hotung Investment Holdings, which has been listed on the Main Board of SGX-ST (HIH:SP) since August 1997. To date, Hotung has around 200 successful IPOs under its belt. It has brought 38 companies to list on Nasdaq / NYSE and over 100 entities on the Taiwan Stock Exchange / Taiwan’s OTC market.

VSC Ecosystem

VSC Ecosystem (VSC) built the VCLink co-investment platform and is responsible along with other anchor VCs for selecting, vetting, and investing in each of the startups featured on VCLink. VSC is committed to providing good ventures and great returns to all investors.